The Verisk-Driveway Strategic Alliance

We’re excited to announce our strategic alliance with Verisk to help OEMs connect their customers to a better insurance experience. Verisk is a trusted service provider to virtually every insurance company in the market, and has established the leading data exchange where drivers can connect with insurance companies to earn a fair price on insurance based on their own personal driving history. Leading OEMs like General Motors have signed on to the exchange to help their customers share their driving data (on an opt-in basis) with leading insurers who are willing to reward customers with better rates for safe driving. 

Driveway’s smartphone telematics technology enables these OEMs to offer this benefit to all their customers, not just the customers with newer cars with built-in connectivity. It also enables OEMs to augment their data with important risk insights like distracted driving data (unavailable from the in-car connectivity), which insurers are increasingly focused on in their usage based insurance programs. 

Road safety doesn’t always generate the headlines of the more dramatic news (fake or otherwise) of the day, but by the numbers, it’s truly the largest problem we have in society today. And at Driveway, we’re not content to wait around for decades in hopes that autonomous cars solve the problem. We’re on a mission to make roads safer and save lives at scale today, and our alliance with Verisk gets us one step closer to that goal.

- Mike 

See the press release here